Chessed Ideas – Spreading Some Light

Some ideas for YOU to spread some light – Even more fun to do with friends:

  1. Pack food for Tomchei Shabbos or your local food bank Donate to Tomchei Shabbos Donate to Shearit HaPlate
  2. Gather clothing you no longer use to give to a clothing drive (like Yad Leah)Donate to Yad Leah
  3. Visit sick people in a hospital or rehab center through Bikur Cholim or your shulDonate to Bikur Cholim of Bergen County
  4. Get together with a child who has special needsDonate to Sinai SchoolsDonate to Yachad
  5. Include people your plans you don’t usually include

Here are some ideas to spread some light in Israel:

  1. Visit Shalva and spend time with people with disabilitiesDonate to Shalva
  2. Pick produce for Leket Israel or volunteer in their warehouseDonate to Leket
  3. Treat Chayalim (soldiers) to a nice meal or fun treat – even more meaningful for lone soldiersDonate to the Lone Soldier Center

Please send more ideas to [email protected] !

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